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Ephraim Spencer Garrett IV

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"If Everything went Right in Life, there would be No Adventures"

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Gautier, MS 39553

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Recent Activities:

From 2001 to 2006 I taught undergraduate Business Adminstration courses (Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship, Operations and Production) at Tulane University's Biloxi Campus and at the University of Southern Mississippi- Gulf Coast Campus.

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Currently I run 2 businesses: one venture is in online publishing of mostly military and political websites and another venture is in vintage telephones of all things.

I am a Commander in the Navy Reserve and in 2009 I finished my tour as the Commanding Officer of NR COMPHIBRON 4 Det 409 in Bessemer (Birmingham), Alabama. I have also served a tour as Officer-In-Charge of a Commander Naval Forces Korea Detachment and an XO tour of a Reserve Middle East detachment and an Operational Support detachment. Since December 2009 I have been assigned to a detachment in Detroit assigned to COMSIXTHFLT in Naples, Italy which sets up ship visits to West Africa.

The highlights of my life thus far include:

  • 1983 Graduate of Pascagoula High School, Pascagoula, Mississippi
  • 1988 Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. I started to go by middle name after my Plebe year at Annapolis since no one could seem to spell or pronounce my first name correctly. Other names I was tagged with here were: "Flex" (purely in jest), "Spence", and some others that are unprintable.
  • Served as a Turret Gunnery Officer on battleships USS IOWA (BB61) and USS WISCONSIN (BB64) where two of the biggest events of my professional life occurred: the explosion in Turret 2 on IOWA and the Persian Gulf War on WISCONSIN.
  • Completed third deployment (mostly off of Bosnia) in three years on USS IWO JIMA as an Assistant Operations Officer (Supporting Arms Coordinator) on COMPHIBRON EIGHT staff. Missed my fourth deployment in four years by 20 minutes.
  • In 1993 I reported to shore duty as an instructor in Newport, Rhode Island. Had an absolute blast and hooked up with some of my best friends in life.
  • Left the Navy and in 1998 completed my Master of Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin as a proud member of Cohort 4 ("Go Fours")
  • In late 1999 I started Night Owl Publishing, Inc. (with the primary projects being a military relocation website called MilitaryTowns.com, a military travel website called MilitaryTravel.com for off-duty travel, and in 2007 we started a political domain leasing site with over 600 names for rent.). At the end of 2004, Night Owl's various websites had recorded their millionth hit. As of December 2006, MilitaryTowns.com and MilitaryTravel.com are among the top 10 websites you find using keywords "military" and "relocation" or "travel" on Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing search engines (out of literally millions of websites that come up when using those keywords). The next trick is to turn those placements into revenue and profit streams. Currently all of my websites combined usually receive well over a million hits a month.
  • I taught a Marketing class at Tulane University's Gulf Coast Campus in the summer of 2006. From the Fall of 2001 thru the Fall of 2004 I was a full-time instructor on the Faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi- Gulf Coast Campus teaching courses in Business Administration. I stayed on as a part-time instructor there until after Hurricane Katrina hit in tthe Fall of 2005.
  • What was intended as a pure "Mad Money" project has instead become the "Bill Paying Project"- BoldOldPhones.com - while advertising for MilitaryTowns.com picks up. It has been more fun than work but it is growing much faster and bigger than I expected. My aunt is taking over some of the responsibilities since she is now retired from UPS and has the spare time required to grow the business.
  • I have now served in the Navy Reserve for 15 years, serving twice as a Commanding Officer of reserve units and twice as an Executive Officer.

Other famous Spencer Garrett's I know of:

My Father
My Grandfather (1898-1982)
The Actor

Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Laboratory in Pascagoula, MS. Owner of 7 boats of all types but sailing is his passion.

Ephraim Spencer Garrett II worked as a Psychiatrist for the Federal Government until retiring at the age of 70. Lived an interesting life including learning to play Chess from the Grandmaster Capablanca. The link above has pictures of him as a Lieutenant in World War I and a Captain in World War II.

My students told me about him and I have seen him a few times on TV. Like me and the rest of my family, he also uses his middle name (Spencer) as his stage name. He is a character actor of some fame with a Fan Club.

My Various Activities, Projects, and Interests

Business Activities
Information For My Students
My Charity and Community Service Interests
For my Friends, Family, and Shipmates

Night Owl Publishing, Inc.

  • Contact Information
  • Military Sites
  • Commercial Sites
  • Non-Profit Sites
  • Politcal Domain Rentals

Vintage Telephones

  • BoldOldPhones.com - Model 500 vintage phones
  • Phonetique.com - Replicas of Art Deco Era antique telephones
  • BlackTelephones.com - dedicated to using vintage black telephones in interior design
  • FabPhones.com - dedicated to using vintage colored telephones in interior design (Coming in 2010)

I am an Officer in:
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Political Candidates I have Advised or Helped in Jackson County Mississippi
Military Career

( Military Bio )

Foreign Travels
  • 2009 (0W-4L)
    • Team Gautier
  • 2007 (0W-1L)
    • Me!
  • 2006 (1W - 0L)
    • Neil Harris
  • 2005 (3W - 1L)
    • Jeff Wilkinson
    • Billy Sanders
    • Ginger Lay
    • Bill Jones
  • 2003 (4W-3L)
    • John McKay
    • Cathy Johnson
    • Mike Byrd
    • Wendy Martin
    • Max Phillips
    • Amy Tuck
    • Haley Barbour
  • 2002 (2W-1L)
    • Neil Harris
    • Jess Dickinson
    • Thad Cochran
  • 2000 (2W-2L)
    • Ruby Best
    • Keith Starrett
    • Trent Lott
    • George W. Bush
  • 1999 (0W-3L)
    • Paul Clark
    • Bill Hawks
    • Mike Parker

  • Naval Reserves (1996-now)
    • CNE-C6F MPP Det 413, Detroit
    • NR VTU Bessemer (XO)
    • COMPHIBRON FOUR Det 409, Bessemer (CO)
    • ACT Det 109, Bessemer AL
    • CNFK Det D, St. Louis (OIC)
    • NAVCENT NCAPS Det E, New Orleans (XO)
    • SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team 2, Austin
  • Active Duty (Sea Duty-- homported in Norfolk, VA 1989-1993)
    • USS IOWA (BB61)
  • Active Duty (Shore Duty-- Newport, RI 1993-1996)
    • Naval Education and Training Center
1996-1998 Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Master's of Business Administration

1984-1988 Graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis MD with a B.S. in Political Science

1983-1984: Attended the University of Mississippi on a full NROTC Scholarship

  • Portsmouth, England
  • Kiel, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Cannes, France
  • Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Manama, Bahrain
  • Alexandria, Egypt
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Athens, Greece
  • Rhodes, Greece
  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Antalya, Turkey
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Malaga, Spain
  • Majorica, Spain
  • Benidorm, Spain
  • Rota, Spain
  • Rome, Italy
  • Naples, Italy
  • Gaeta, Italy
  • Ancona, Italy
  • Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Gibraltar
  • Sicily
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Puerto Rico (San Juan and Vieques)
  • Cape Verde Islands - where hurricanes begin-- I already know where they end
  • London, England


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